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You are looking at a high flow custom fuel rail to replace the poor  flowing stock unit that is prone to leak. This fuel rail will handle power in excess of 600+ horsepower! Unlike many fuel rails, this fuel rail is plug and play for the 2.3 lower BOX STYLE(see pictures provided) intake(see below if you need a inline lower intake rail). All you will need to do is get a nice aftermarket inline adjustable fuel pressure regulator,(OR I also carry inline adapter blocks for your stock or adjustable FPR-See my other auction) plus a couple fuel fittings, and you will have all the fuel you will ever need. Also unlike the stock rail or other aftermarket performance rails, this rail has a threaded area to place fuel pressure gauge in a spot that is easy to read (in front of upper intake) or easy to install the stock fuel pressure relief valve.
Fuel Rail $115+8.95 Shipping
High Flow Box Style Fuel Rail
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